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Having both worked for larger home care companies, Marcie Gilreath and Holly Aughtry knew that opening Infinium was not implausible. “It’s about time,” stated a mutual friend of theirs. “What took you so long?” stated another who seemed to pick up on the inevitable even before they did. To meet Holly and Marcie, you would think that they were related or had been friends since childhood. Able to finish each other’s sentences, you would never know that they were once rivals. Each working for competing home care agencies a decade ago, they met in 2011 while working at the same agency - which is where their story begins.  

Almost immediately, Holly and Marcie built a strong working relationship and together shared a true passion to
change the perception of home care in the industry. Since they both shared the same values and goals, it made for
an easy transition into a strategic partnership. In order to provide the clinical excellence they expected, they needed a nurse and not just any nurse. They needed Eloise. With Eloise’s leadership and clinical expertise, they could fulfill their mission. Eloise Woodside-Ramirez soon joined Infinium and the family was complete.

Every company has their own core values. The key to success is finding a team that already lives by those values.
That’s Infinium. They all share the desire to serve - to make a difference in the lives of the people they touch and
to change the perception of the home care experience - one nurse, one client at a time!   

  • At Infinium, we recognize that no one seeks out home care services until they absolutely need them. When you do, it means that something significant and unexpected has happened to you or your loved one. Whether your are new to home care or dissatisfied with your current provider, we are here to help. Home care can often be an unfamiliar and intrusive experience and choosing the right home care agency can be quite daunting.   While there are many choices, most agencies convey the same information – “to provide the best and most reliable nursing care.” At Infinium, we may convey the same but we consider “the best and most reliable” as expectations of the service we provide - not options. While all agencies share many of the same nurses, not all agencies treat them the same. At Infinium, we strive to create a culture of collaboration, commitment and trust with our nurses in order to provide you with the care you deserve.
  • Choosing the right home care provider is one of the most important decisions you will make. At Infinium, we believe that the proof is in the experience and your peace of mind. We believe that staying connected and feeling supported are important to you and your nurses so we will never treat you like a number. Most of all, we won’t lose sight of what matters the most – you.

Meet Holly - CEO

Having spent the past 15 years in healthcare, much of those with 3 national home care companies, Holly finally found a home with Infinium. As co-founder and CEO, Holly wanted to establish a home care agency that was truly client-focused, always open to change, and more importantly - allowed for decision-making that did not require levels of processes or hierarchies.

Her business partner and confidant, Marcie Gilreath, made for an easy transition and landing Eloise was just icing on the cake. “When you find those individuals, who share the same passion, work ethic and commitment, everything else just falls into place,” says Holly. “No matter how our personalities differ, our goals are the same - which makes for a dynamic team!” The company’s name and logo incorporates the infinity symbol which symbolizes Infinium’s commitment to providing “care for life!”


Meet Marcie - President

Marcie started her career in healthcare over 20 years ago, after taking permanent residence in the US. A native Canadian, Marcie had little time to “settle in.” Over the next 9 years, her career with one of the largest national home care companies would require her to live in 5 different cities across 3 states. While opening new offices, and being the “go to” person for revitalizing old ones, Marcie gained invaluable experience while gaining respect and loyalty from her colleagues.

Likewise adored by her clients and families, Marcie could empathize with caring for a loved one at home. Having cared for a father with a tracheostomy, she shared many of the same experiences and sleepless nights. “It is simply a passion to serve,” Marcie states, of opening a home care agency of her own. Having worked for 3 of the largest home care agencies in the past, it was time to convert an idea into reality. As co-founder of Infinium, Marcie has permanently “settled in” with a phenomenal team of other home care veterans.

Meet Eloise - Clinical Director

Eloise Woodside-Ramirez has been a nurse for 28 years. A native of the Bahamas, Eloise moved to the US where she began working in pediatric ICUs and Progressive care units in Florida and North Carolina. She became credentialed as a pediatric nurse by the American Nurse Credentialing Center in 1998. “There’s a big kid inside me that likes to have fun,” says Eloise, of her passion for the pediatric population.

After working at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, she decided to try her skills in home care. After providing 1:1 in the home as a field nurse, and then later as a clinical manager, Eloise fell in love with home care. “It’s the innocence and resilience of a young child that draws me in,” she states. She found that she could be herself – the charismatic story teller, coach, confidant, comic relief WHILE still being the nurse. Getting to know the families helped her better understand their journey and fulfilled a stronger passion within her. Five years and 2 home care agencies later, Eloise joined Infinium as their clinical director. “Not all home care agencies are the same,” she states, “the differences are found in the client experience, and I wanted to be part of that at Infinium!”

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