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Infinium Health Services maintains the confidentiality and security of records in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other federal and state laws. These laws pertain to the security and privacy of personal, medical, and financial information. The confidentiality and privacy of client information is important to ensure that all client information is protected, to prevent inappropriate and/or unauthorized disclosure of client information and to comply with all federal, state and local laws pertaining to client confidentiality. PHI under US law is defined as any information about health status, provision of health care, or payment for health care that is created or collected by a "Covered Entity" (or a Business Associate of a Covered Entity), and can be linked to a specific individual. This is interpreted rather broadly and includes any part of a patient's medical record or payment history. HIPAA protects all medical records and other individually identifiable health information used or disclosed in any form, whether electronically, on paper or orally.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.  The Rule requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information, and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization. The Rule also gives patients’ rights over their health information, including rights to examine and obtain a copy of their health records, and to request corrections.

The HIPAA Security Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ electronic personal health information that is created, received, used, or maintained by a covered entity. The Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic protected health information. 

DHHS Office for Civil Rights - HIPAA guidelines

CDC - Privacy Rule guidelines:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services



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